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Thank God this commnuity is no longer needed!
simpsons, Chris
This one came through on the BayCon LJ, and it seems that this community is no longer needed!

I'll leave it up, but it's good to know the main spot is back up fully.

+ _+ _+ _+ _+

When our ChairMinion presented our tag line "It's an Adventure!" I am fairly certain that none of us expected the particular adventure that has been the last 6 weeks. The January Staff meeting was a hard thing to get through. And I know it was not easy for those who stayed or those who left.

With that said, I am happy to let you all know that posting to the official BayCon LJ from members is no longer being moderated.

While everything is not perfect in BayCon land, we are working on making this a great BayCon for all of you.

Some of the people who left have returned and are ready to hit the ground running to regain some of the lost time of the last few weeks. Some people who left have not returned for their owns reasons, and while we will miss them we must carry on as we have a heck of a party to deliver to all of you. We wish them well and hope they will come and visit us.

Please bear with us as we regain our bearings and work to get things moving again. Some people who answer the email bounces will be very very busy, and may not be able to answer your emails as fast as you may prefer, so please allow upwards of 72 hours or more for a response. We have a lot of work to do in a very short period of time, and we will do our best to get things done, but in the end we are human.

Again I apologize for not posting a notice about locking down the BayCon LJ in January. That was my fault entirely, and moving forward I will try to do better about keeping information flowing both on LJ and FB.

Please keep asking questions about BayCon and if you think you can help with something, please do not hesitate to contact us with that information. The staff of BayCon are all volunteers and are Fannish in one way or another about one thing or another, and we love hosting/running this for other fans. And we're always interested in other Fans who like to do the same.

I look forward to seeing you at the Santa Clara Hyatt over Memorial Day Weekend 2010.

Caradwen "Sabre" von Braskat
Vice-Chair, BayCon 2010 "It's An Adventure!"
Director, Artistic Solutions, Inc.

Meeting Note
simpsons, Chris
>Ladies and Gentlemen - I bid you greetings. It's that time of the
>month. Time to get together again and start plotting world
>domination, one convention at a time. With that being said there
>has been good news put out onto the staff lists by my Vice Chair. I
>am hopeful to have more good news to announce at the staff
>meeting. With that being said, we have staff openings. In no
>particular order nor is this list complete or accurate...
>Division Vacancies:
> Programming
> Hotel
> Admin
> Publications
>Department Vacancies
> Programming ops
> Registration
> Registration IT
> Family Friendly
> Decorations
> Newsletter
> Anime
> Programming events
>And much much more.....
>With that being said, there is also is also going to be an Exec
>meeting taking place that day at 11am. ANYONE who feels they would
>like to work on the Exec Committee or attend the exec committee
>meeting is welcome to do so. The Exec meeting will be in the same
>room as the General meeting.
> Who: Anyone and Everyone, No reasonable offer will be refused.
> What: BayCon 2010 General Staff and Exec Meetings.
> When: Sunday February 21st 2010, 11am (Exec) & 1pm (General)
> Where: Santa Clara Hyatt Regency, Camino Real.
> Why: Because there is this thing called BayCon and
> its coming up faster than we all think.
>Robert "Minion" Toland
>Chairman, BayCon 2010: It's An Adventure!

info sharing: Art Show
I posted in baycon a question regarding getting in contact in the Art Show for a friend who has sent several emails to but received no response.

I received a private LJ message stating that paper work had just been approved and updates submitted to webmaster.

OK Folks...
simpsons, Chris
This here's a place to talk about BayCon. I figured we needed somewhere that folks cold post stuff and comment and the like after the Baycon community went moderated and announcement-only.


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